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A Revelation Story (Soft Cover)

A Revelation Story (Soft Cover)

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Who says learning biblical concepts has to be boring? Not Dr. T.R. Lawson! He takes, what some feel is the most complicated and confusing book of the bible and makes it come alive. Readers will be drawn into the fascinating stories of angels, demons, and humans as their lives intertwine, evolve, and culminate in the ominous times of the Great Tribulation. Drawing from the pages of the book of Revelation, Dr. Lawson creates an interesting assemblage of characters who draw us in and take us on an adventurous journey up to the highest heavens, down to the bottomless pit, and all around the world. This is the book of Revelation like you've never seen it before! We are introduced to people like Chris Mankins, Charlie and Caroline Davies, and Zaven Schmid, whose lives are greatly affected by their relationship to Christ. Some are translated into the heavenlies before the great tribulation begins, while others are left behind to live through it. Readers are swept up into the heavenly realms and given a ringside seat at the Overcomers Reward Ceremony, the Marriage of the Lamb, and the Great White Throne Judgment. We become acquainted with the antichrist, Wayah Admoni, and his sidekick Premoy Frank, the false prophet, and watch as they usher in the last world government before the coming of the Lord. Along the way, we meet interesting angelic beings such as Abaddon, the Scorpion King; Cledis and Buckus, the two hilarious Angels of Old; Clyubis, the faithful Guardian Angel; and Lucifer's three best friends, Mam, Mucer, and Moch. You will be moved to tears at the grand finale between Satan and Father God. Buckle up for a winding tale of happiness and tears in Dr. Lawson's debut work of fiction, based on the book of Revelation: "A Revelation Story".

eBook also available, click here for more information!

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